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Snacking is a Sport

Snacking is a Sport

$30.00 $40.00

Snacks are a quarantine essential! This kit includes New Stand’s best of the best snacks. Here to make your week a little sweeter (and saltier).

Nora Seaweed Crisps Spicy Tempura (1.6 oz)
Barnana Plantain Chips Lime (5 oz)
Parm Crisps Original (1.75 oz)
Coney Island Popcorn Sweet & Salty (1.5 oz)
Wild Babs Coco Noms Peanut Butter (2 oz)
Tate's Chocolate Chip Cookies (3.5 oz)
Snappers Mini Peanut Butter (3 oz)
Chuao Chocolatier Pretzel Toffee Twirl Bar (2.8 oz)
Michel & Augustin Cookies Dark Chocolate Sea Salt (1.07 oz)